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  1. Benzilla79

    There's ready an hour 43 wr speed run

  2. Jude Lizowski

    The man says he leaving and then come back the next day classic

  3. papagrande GDT

    When chat told Noah to inspect doll lmfao

  4. CJJ

    Dude i like noah's content what a legend

  5. astonmartini

    What's your problems with spoiling stuff in the thumbnails Jesus its only just come out and I haven't finished it yet

  6. Faith Rasmusen

    you sound sick bro...

  7. J0LTS

    ...am I the only one that cried at the end?

  8. Darkstar248

    I really hate the game devs. I'm mad about Ethan dying, because he didn't deserve it. Mad that they had him die twice. Really mad that they killed off the first Resident Evil protagonist who was just an ordinary guy. Not a police rookie or soldier, but just a normal guy who got caught up in Umbrella's BS. But I can forgive all of that, if they had just SHOWN HIS FACE! COME ON!

  9. Zaccardo

    59:38 man

  10. BlairAR

    How can he play on such LOW sensitivity?!

  11. Andres Rodriguez

    My man Ethan really went through all that killing those lords just to get ultroned 😭 F

  12. Cooper Townsend

    If you think having a fear of dolls is bad I have a fear of stickers! Not kidding real thing look it up don’t laugh lol

  13. WestyUK _

    Who’s looking forward to Noah reacting to this speed run. 🙋‍♂️

  14. Philippe van Heek

    Resident - Evil is better then Call of Duty Zombie´s

  15. Haze Capra

    RIP Ethan Winters, he was in death as he was in life, dead

    1. TomBorgJr

      this comment is underrated

  16. Peighton Grover


    1. Peighton Grover

      i jzjdjjijiujf co i a kakakzbkaj red u we nap as hd

  17. savge mode

    The t bag

  18. Jano xpompa

    why always when you streaming in my country is like 4 pm in the moarning?







  22. Mason Neal

    All these soldiers for one chick



  24. Caleb Browne

    I’d like to see Noah do another play through of this game and go for challenges and maybe on hardcore difficulty.

  25. Kyrin YT

    Is this a modern warfare map or Cold War?

  26. Janis Joplin

    The nuke was always the dumbest kill streak "reward" lol

  27. Raphael Jyrwa

    the 4th boss reminds me of Nicolas Cage

  28. Str8 5150

    I wish you can restart on hardest difficulty or speedrun this game or play the extra game also good video and series that's Noah J

  29. Janis Joplin

    My god female.. SHUSH

  30. FeDrO Ufficiale

    I've never seen someone having that bad of a luck in boxes

  31. Vincent Richards

    14:54 I think I see his soul leave his body for awhile

  32. lil Apollo vert

    My god what a good game so good the ending almost made me cry a little bit like just so good man I hope this gets game of the year definitely deserves it bro awesome game

  33. Joshua Tapia

    Is there a way to remove attachments from the weapons or is it only for that weapon, for example the compensator he put on the first pistol

  34. infinityonmania

    what r those yellow things

  35. Jett Laycock

    When he has low ammo he has the hevenly plunger

  36. JDezOfficial

    1:23:08 is a reference to RE4. It made me chuckle cause RE4 is one of my favorite games 🙌🏽😂

  37. Dr Retro Dizzy

    Lots of WW2 zombies vibe with the mechanic dudes

  38. Mason Neal

    The metal bending guy looks like Nicholas Cage in The Apprentice

  39. Zombi

    This game hits different watching it at 2 am on a school night

  40. Mason Neal

    When you say All Time Low, all I can think about is the band. Great band, if you haven't heard them

  41. Brave Heart

    How does resident evil go backward should be more action

  42. Spencer Hadley

    i can confidently say that i turned my volume down right after 2:35:00. and i’m not ashamed of it because it’s 1 am

  43. Swamp Talk Podcast

    Omg if he calls lady dimetrescu “demitreyu “ one more damn time

  44. Ghost afk


  45. lilsaltlamp

    the only person who tells you that you need to crouch to exit the map. thank you so much

  46. Veryvool Vro

    My exact thoughts me and Noah think the same they was mining for diamonds singing the Minecraft take on me

  47. Swamp Talk Podcast

    What’s the deal with the audio I’m watching as a video oh nvm he’s fixing it

    1. Wes B

      Yikes, you tried to be funny..

  48. Sipyless

    Noah could have sold all of his items at the end

  49. bongoboyj

    Poggie Woggies. This was a fun playthrough. 😎

  50. Vape Sc

    I would definitely watch Noah when he is 38 because I'll be 32 then

  51. Brando Brunt

    I’m not crying youre crying🥺

  52. Rifty GameZ

    rip duke

  53. Talesof Passion

    How did he get that free ammo before he enters the castle?????

  54. Craig

    To whoever sees this You are now breathing in manual mode

  55. waglzz

    I love how this just turns into a cod campaign 😭

  56. Lux Operatur,

    Am i the only one watching this feeling bad for Noah's burger just getting cold in the corner while he does this

  57. Fox Demigod

    Anyone else think that once it said that the fathers story was done that we will play as rose and we will use her powers in re9

    1. Wes B

      Wow done dude. You managed to pick up on the most obvious clue. It's not not a clue you clearly felt the need to try and decipher it. Obv course we gonna be playing at Rose. Did you not watch the final cut scene?

  58. Prizsm

    2021 canyone?

  59. Christopher Stewart

    This game is fantastic. One of the best games I’ve played in years!

  60. Swamp Talk Podcast

    1:48:20 “ooh a secret cave?” Me starts screaming: “SECRET TUNNELLLL SECRET TUNNELL!!!!”

  61. xxheadshots 1

    It’s Johnny cage 1:09:28

  62. The Duke

    I don't like the ending, it means an end for leone and the others unless I'm mistaken and they're gonna fight at age 50, I don't want new characters.

    1. The Duke

      @Wes B yes we've had a new character the past 2 games, but it still didn't mean the end for the other characters, they most likely could've came back like how chris appeared, and wdym by stop complaining, I can complain if I want to and state my opinion, re was always about the story of those particular characters, giving us a whole character in a different time period, kind of a let down

    2. Wes B

      You've had new characters for the past two games. Get a grip and quit complaining that they're changing the character.

  63. Kristof Zwarteveen

    Holland shirt

  64. logan fields

    Did he... Drop shot a goat?

  65. Cyrush

    That is the best ending ever

  66. Narrater .O

    this boi really just say "welcome to the 2rd to last episode" aint gotta go that fancy on us man just say 3rd. the broke over here dont speak that fancy stuff cuz.

  67. Busches

    Noah is my spirit animal

  68. Jacob Christensen

    Man looks at the statue puzzle, and says the 3 poor ass looking men aren't the beggars the entire time

  69. Casey Kelly

    Alcina Dimitrescu=Bat, Salvatore Moraeu=Giant Fish, Donna Beneviento=Reaper, Karl Heisenberg=Steel Horse. Mother Miranda=Witch. These are the corresponding characters to the Forest of Shadows Characters.

    1. Wes B

      Crazy, legit my blind hamster pieced that together too